Doorstep Skis have been operating for over 10 years and were one of the very first ski hire delivery companies in Morzine. The idea is genius and so simple, pre-order your ski equipment and have them deliver it to your Morzine accommodation when you arrive. This could be at 8 am or 11 pm. Once you arrive simply message Doorstep Skis and one of their mobile fitting teams will visit the chalet whilst you sip on your welcome glass of fizz or beer and fit your equipment in the comfort of your accommodation.

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boot room in morzine ski chalet

There must be a catch, it seems to good to be true!

What is the catch you might think? Well, there isn't one and our founder and owner Rich can vouch for this as he worked for Doorstep Skis for four years in the early part of his Morzine life. So what are the benefits of hiring your equipment through Doorstep Skis in Morzine and how can they ensure the equipment is the right size and fits properly. Do you really want to walk down to the ski shop...


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